What is AdSense and how does it work? Success with AdSense

AdSense is one of the leading Google Ads advertising solutions, allowing advertisers to place ads on blogs and videos and content creators to earn passive income quickly.

AdSense is an effortless way to monetize content for bloggers, which allows you to forget about managing the relationship with advertisers but without losing control of the locations and type of content advertised. For brands, this tool offers many platforms on all kinds of topics in which to place highly targeted advertising. Let’s see what AdSense is and how it works, its benefits for content creators, and some examples of success.


What is AdSense and how does it work?

AdSense is a blog monetization system that serves targeted ads alongside content, as well as advertising on YouTube channels participating in the program. The content creator has the option to choose which will be the placements of the ads and their design, as well as to block types of ads or even specific advertisers that do not agree to their values.

AdSense is part of the Google Ads program, and this company is in charge of managing the relationship with advertisers. To decide which ads are placed on each platform, a thematic segmentation is performed that ensures that the ads and the content are aligned.

To participate in the program, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Being over 18 years old.
  • Have a blog with your own domain like and 100% original content or a website.
  • Respect Google’s policies (for example, content that incites violence or has explicit sexual content is not accepted).
  • Have a telephone number and a postal address.

Content creators who meet these requirements can enroll in the AdSense program by filling out an online form. Google will then review your blog to make sure it is compliant and send an activation code by post. Once the account is activated, Google will begin to place advertising on the user’s blog, taking into account both the quantity bid and the quality level of the ads.

The monetization model has the option to choose between CPC (cost per click, that is, the content creator receives income each time a user clicks on their ads) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions, that is, the creator of content receives income based on the number of visits to your site).


Advantages of AdSense for content creators

  • It offers excellent control over advertising. At any time, it is possible to decide where the ads will be located, choose the design that best suits the blog’s aesthetics, and block the advertisers or themes that the user prefers.
  • Ads are relevant. Thanks to the automatic targeting system, only advertisements in line with the blog’s theme are published. In this way, it is possible to improve the user experience and increase the chances of clicking on any of the ads.
  • It has a wide variety of sizes and formats to adapt to the needs of advertisers and content creators.
  • It has a comprehensive help center, where content creators can find online training tools to learn how to configure and manage their accounts optimally and receive personalized recommendations about their site.
  • It gives access to a large number of advertisers. Google Ads and AdSense are the most popular SEM solutions globally, so they have a large base of brands interested in advertising with them.
  • AdSense is responsible for managing the entire process to download a lot of work, and the creator can focus on delivering the best content possible.
  • It provides comprehensive and personalized reports so that the creator can see their advertising performance at any time and identify growth opportunities.
  • It is integrated with Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics so that the site owner can have a complete view of what is happening.

3 examples of success with AdSense

The AdSense website collects different success stories of online entrepreneurs who have used this tool to monetize their sites. These are three examples.

  • Initial education

Initial Education is the site of an Argentine preschool teacher, two years ago created a website to collect activities, ideas, and materials for other educators.

Today, the site reaches more than five million parents and teachers from around the world. All advertising on the site is managed by AdSense, allowing you to spend your saved time traveling and spending time with your children.

  • WikiHow

wikiHow is a top-rated portal that lists how to do all kinds of things, from tidying up your closet to preventing a wedding. Since its inception, the site’s advertising has been managed by AdSense. The income generated with this tool has allowed them to grow from 2 to 24 people. However, today they still do not have a position dedicated exclusively to advertising since Google is responsible for most of the management.

  • BuildEazy

BuildEazy is the site of Les Kenny, an Australian carpentry enthusiast who is dedicated to teaching users how to build all kinds of things.

BuildEazy during the first month, he made 40 dollars of income through AdSense, and the second this amount increased to $700. In addition, he has dedicated himself to testing different ad placements, and you have noticed a tremendous positive impact on her income. To this day, the earnings from advertising on his site have allowed him to retire and pursue his hobby exclusively.


How much does AdSense pay?

With all this manifest effort of hours of planning, hours to set up an appropriate website, and hundreds, perhaps more, and hours to create the quality content that our users need, the moment of truth has arrived.

AdSense pays for ads in two main ways: CPC and CPM (terms explained in the AdSense dictionary at the end of the article). What has been “Cost per Click” or “Cost per thousand views.” Web admins do not choose the type of bid, although they are mostly CPC, which means that you need clicks to earn money.

Other platforms pay for CPM (for views). For instance:

We will explain simply the mechanism by which Google decides how much it is going to pay us.

The first thing you should know is that AdSense pays a percentage of your income to publishers, to web admins, to us. This percentage varies depending on the type of ad (for search, for websites…), but we could say that it is 60-70% of the total price paid by the advertiser.

In other words, for every euro that an advertiser pays, the publisher will get 70 cents (somewhat less, deducting taxes).

So how much does an advertiser pay?

The AdSense bidding system is the real heart of the matter. It is very complex and has many variables, but simplifying it to the maximum would be the following:

  • All advertisers that match AdSense’s type of ad want to show on your website will submit a bid.
  • AdSense analyzes both the bid and the quality of the ads and orders its bidders from highest (highest bid and highest quality) to lowest.
  • The winner will not pay for their bid but will pay one cent more than the previous bid.

On the web, you will find theoretical calculations of those who want to sell you courses in which, for example, they will tell you that the CPC is $0.3, the CTR 2% and from there, some unsuspecting will take the previous data and say:

  • 2,000,000 visits
  • 2% of visitors will click: 40,000 clicks
  • Each click will earn you $0.30
  • Total earnings: $12,000 per month


For these reasons, your AdSense account will be permanently banned.

  • Avoid copyright infringement
  • Never show AdSense ads in pop-ups, emails, or software
  • Stop using traffic robots
  • Don’t mislead your website visitors
  • Stop fraudulent activities. Never click on your own ads
  • Do not modify the AdSense code or text
  • Stop having multiple Google AdSense accounts
  • Stop placing too many ads, and don’t fill your pages with keywords.
  • Say no to plagiarism
  • Follow simple AdSense rules to avoid being banned
  • Never buy or sell AdSense-approved sites or accounts from anyone…


What AdSense Services Should I Provide?

  • Create a modern and attractive logo for your website.
  • Complete Adsense Website Design and Development.
  • I will provide a premium AdSense-friendly theme.
  • Most useful premium plugins.
  • SEO friendly 20 Unique articles.
  • SEO and Search engine submission/optimization.
  • After-sale 100% AdSense Approval guarantee.
  • Free ads placement on your site.
  • Free guide for traffic.
  • Fix any issues you faced.
  • Lifetime Support, Upgrade, and Guide.

What do you need to create an AdSense site?

  • A top-level Domain.
  • A hosting account.
  • Order Confirmation.

If you have any questions then please ask me.



Muhammad Aamir Javed


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