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Tech Universidad Tecnológica is the largest digital university in the world in Spanish. It is an institution that is present in more than 20 countries around the world and has more than 3,000 professors teaching knowledge in all kinds of areas related to the health sciences and other disciplines such as languages ​​or business.

Its academic offer includes all types of studies: university master’s degrees, own degrees, university courses, and preparatory training activities for competitive processes, as well as official exams and level tests.

In the field of natural medicines, this entity offers a wide range of courses that range from therapeutic yoga to herbal medicine through chemotherapy or integrative medicine therapies that relate body and mind.

What are the benefits of natural therapies?

In general, alternative therapies enjoy a fractious reputation, because they give rise to conflicting opinions. The benefits are not known exactly and many of them remain unknown since truthful information is not always handled.

That is just what the Tech University of Technology intends with its Natural Therapy Courses, to curb preconceptions of these treatments. The training activities offered by this entity are taught by teachers with outstanding experience in the main hospitals and health clinics in Spain.

Alternative medicine is not intended, in any case, to replace traditional medicine, but to complement it. These treatments are used, in many cases, by people looking for safe solutions to their problems.

Although science does not validate 100% its effectiveness in the body by not finding enough evidence to support it, immemorial knowledge about alternative medicine is used to support or enhance the effects of drugs.

One of the highlights of this discipline, which brings together many methods, is that they offer many benefits to people who undergo these treatments because they emphasize the natural appearance and emotional well-being.

One of the most demanded natural therapies is herbal medicine. Many of the courses and masters offered by Tech Universidad Tecnológica are aimed at discovering the properties of plant products for therapeutic purposes.

Through the successful use of plants and plant products, endocrine and digestive system ailments and problems, skin and dermis conditions, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the proper functioning of the locomotor system or gynecological conditions, and the urinary system can be treated, among others.

What is Tech Universidad Tecnológica looking for in their courses?

If the courses and training activities that Tech Universidad Tecnológica implements and develops every year stand out for something, it is because it has an enviable portfolio of experienced professionals with great prestige in their professional and research careers.

This entity offers online courses taught through the Relearning method. With regard to natural therapies, they constantly promote the inclusion in their training activities of the new scientific evidence discovered.

The Relearning method, increasingly popular in many universities around the world, allows students to acquire knowledge more quickly. This study technique enables professionals to assimilate concepts more effectively, developing a critical spirit and the ability to make decisions, contrast opinions, and argumentation.

How does the Relearning method work?

Relearning, also known as relearning, is a very popular method among Anglo-Saxon psychology. In a very summarized way, it is a memorization method where you have to assess the attempts that this acquisition of knowledge has taken.

The learning attempts are compared with each other so that the comparison between these successive trials helps to internalize that knowledge.

This study method has an accredited global score of 8.1 out of 10 and it combines real cases, solving complex situations by simulation, the study of clinical cases, and learning based on reiteration. The end result is the acquisition of knowledge in a deep way.

A second factor that explains the success of the Relearning method is that the professionals who teach the courses, as is the case at Tech Universidad Tecnológico, are prestigious professionals who are currently practicing their profession and do not stop innovating and investigating in these disciplines.

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