Production Packaging Operator (Packer) Jobs open in Canada

Production Packaging Operator (Packer) Jobs open in CertainTeed Insulation Canada.  Company deals with construction industry and manufactures fiberglass insulations for consumer markets. Company offers full time jobs with attractive salary packages and other benefits. Production plant opens for 24/7 and 365 days a year.

The Details of the job is as under:

Job Type: Full time

Salary:  $21.72 an hour

Working Shifts: 12 Hours, Rotation based, Weekened, night shift

Benefits: 1. health care

2. Vision care

3. Dental care

4. RRSP match


  1. Selected candidate is responsible for maintenace, inspection and cleaning of equipments.
  2. Work as company standard guidelines.
  3. Quality and quanitity check of fninished products.
  4. Quality assurance of packing and orderly placement.
  5. Performed all assigned duties.
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