System Engineer Jobs in Japan

System Engineer Jobs in Japan

Job Title: System Engineer

Location: Hokkaido Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka Japan

Salary: JPY 4000-7000K

Language: Japanese Conversational Level

Unleash Your Potential with Our Attraction Points:

  • Versatile Development Opportunities: Engage actively in the field of your choice as we embark on various exciting developments.
  • Skill Enhancement Support: We’re committed to bolstering your skills! Benefit from our support to acquire IT-related qualifications and take your expertise to new heights.

Explore Our Business Activities:

System Development Field:

  • WEB System Development (AI Development): Dive into the dynamic world of AI as you contribute to cutting-edge WEB system development.
  • Cloud System Development: Be part of the evolution in technology by participating in Cloud system development projects.
  • Control System Software Development: Shape the future with projects focusing on the development of control system software.
  • Embedded Software Development (IoT Development): Join us in creating the future of IoT with embedded software development projects.
  • Communication System Development: Contribute to innovative communication system development and be at the forefront of technological advancements.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Basic Design: Play a crucial role in the foundational aspects of our projects.
  • Functional Design: Contribute to the functional design phase, shaping the core elements of our systems.
  • Detailed Design: Dive deep into the intricacies of our projects, ensuring precision and excellence in every detail.

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