Thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from being happy

Happiness is a physical and mental state in which we feel full and taste, balance, and sense represents our own life; The problem is that they have taught us that happiness is about something elsewhere, for example, the material is more important and learning little reflects that joy.

To help you break a bit from that rusty idea of ​​happiness, I’ve put together a shortlist of things that keep you from achieving harmony and the peace of mind that a good mood and attitude provides. The problem with these habits is that they are very difficult to remove and even more so if we want to overcome depression or another complicated emotional state.


Why me?

This thought makes you believe that you are the only person in the world to whom bad things happen; that individualization victimizes you and magnifies problems that, in reality, are simpler than you think. In one way or another, it makes you think that you are unhappy with no chance to overcome it.

I can not

When you repeat yourself that you can’t, unconsciously, you are creating a mental block that will prevent you from achieving almost everything you set out to do, thus corroborating what you believed. For example, if you tell yourself that it is impossible to conquer that person on the first date, it is like mental programming with which you will prepare to fail so you have all the possibilities in your favor.

No one understands me

That that nobody understands you, puts you back in the role of victim, is it really a question that nobody understands you, or are you not communicating correctly? the problem here is that egocentricity makes us believe that others have an obligation to understand us.

I’m nobody

Devaluing yourself prevents you from seeing the potential you have as a person, you see the furthest goals and you reduce yourself to nothing. It is not only about, for example, knowing how to attract that special someone, you also need to give yourself room, believe in yourself and what you do.

I do not know

This phrase is very common among us and, although it seems simple and inoffensive, the mere fact of saying it makes us avoid responsibilities and ignore things; mentally we close ourselves to learning without giving ourselves the opportunity to understand or try to do something, frustrating ourselves beforehand.


Stay up late

Sleeping little decompensates you causing your mood to drop; Furthermore, you feel lacking in energy and poor concentration, so your daily goals will suffer.

Sedentary lifestyle

The inactivity trigger, sooner or later ill-health; therefore, your well-being will be low and your happiness will be affected, directly, as well as your physical state.

Overdoing it with alcohol

When you overindulge in alcohol, you break down physically and emotionally; But you also make decisions that you might regret later.


This new practice consists of constantly snooping on the social networks of others; definitely, this behavior will make you see a perfect and wrong image of the lives of others, bringing frustration to yours because you compare yourself. Obviously, the others also have difficulties, but this is omitted in the networks, showing only the positive.

Neglect you and forget about you

When you prioritize the welfare of others forgetting yours, you end up putting off the things that make you happy; It is okay that you want to be friendly and helpful, but you shouldn’t neglect yourself. Remember that cultivating self-love is also part of the formula to be happy.

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