Warehouse Packing Jobs in Japan

Warehouse Packing Jobs in Japan. Japan offers alot of jobs for foreigner in industries, factories and education sectors throughoth the year. A warehouse factory located in Bubaigawara Sta, Tokyo-Japan announces packing jobs with alot of benefits and awesome salary packages. the details of the jobs are given below.

Job Title:   Warehouse Packing Workers

Salaray Package: ¥1,041/h

Major responsibilities:

  1. The worker will be hired for packing the comapny products inallined with comapny standard.
  2. Management of different packing sections.
  3. Spirit to work as a team.
  4. Quality assurance of packing goods.
  5. Supervision of all stage of packing.

To apply for the job of Safety Officer in Japan click the link below.

Safety Officer Jobs In Japan


  1. ¥1,041/hour, attractive salary pacakge.
  2. Insurnace
  3. Career growth
  4. Gain expereince
  5. Higher chances of getting Japan PR


Address: Bubaigawara Sta, Tokyo-Japan

How to apply:

intrested candidates for the job of warehouse packing please clcik the below apply now button.


To apply for the job of Customer Support Associate in Japan click the link below.

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To apply for the job of Factory worker in Japan click the link below.

Japan needs factory workers


To apply for the job of Warehouse Packing in Japan click the ‘Apply Now’ below.


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