What can you do with a degree in public health? Part – 3

This section describes and explains what a public health degree holder can do at each level of the program.

What can you do with a Bachelor of Public Health / BPH?

Listed below are the career opportunities available to a public health bachelor’s degree holder:

  • Community Health Specialist

In this professional field, specialists are needed to treat different diseases and specific exposures. These specialists work closely with epidemiologists and disease specialists to conduct investigations and manage the site in the event of exposure.

  • Quality Improvement Coordinator.

These professionals work in coordination with public health education programs to improve their effectiveness. As part of their professional responsibilities, professionals can do the following:

  1. site reviews,
  2. track data and manage comments,
  3. answer questions or concerns about public health programs,
  4. generate site documents and reports, and
  5. Fully coordinate public health programs.
  • Public Health Administrator

As the administrator of public health, professionals are responsible for planning and implementing disease prevention and public service programs. In addition, they ensure that the quality of these programs corresponds to national recommendations and make changes or improvements when necessary.

As a central component of this professional field, professionals can be a source of connection between local prevention agencies and policies related to public health programs.

  • Research assistant

Public health research assistants may work for laboratories, universities, or research agencies to find answers to major health problems.

Generally, research specialists work in a specific area of ​​public health, such as:

  1. detection of specific diseases,
  2. recruitment of research participants,
  3. completion of part of the study and
  4. Data analysis can be part of the responsibilities of professionals in the field.
  • Prevention Specialist

Prevention specialists may focus primarily on prevention services for the community or other designated part of society.

Responsibilities in this area include:

  1. Planning and preventive programs.
  2. Communicate with the public about these programs, and
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs on a regular basis.

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