What can you do with a Public Health/MPH? Part – 4

These are the main career options for students graduating from a Master of Public Health:

  • Public health educator

Public health educators may be responsible for focusing on different aspects of public health, such as nutrition, exercise, drug use, and chronic disease. Educators can also promote their programs through advertising, public awareness, and community schools.

  • Public Health Epidemiologist

In this position, professionals can help collect and analyze data associated with illness, injury, and injury in designated areas. Epidemiologists can also be expected to create and maintain reports on their findings and send them to the appropriate source for data reporting.

One of the main goals of this area is to better understand public health statistics to create effective prevention and treatment services for the public.

  • Public health consultant

As a public health consultant, you can ensure that public health programs provide the appropriate level of service to the community. This can be accomplished by evaluating an organization’s public health programs, treatment process, drug storage, and material handling.

Consultants generally provide an analysis of their evaluation to the agency where they work to recommend changes and improvements.

  • Health Promotion Specialist

Health promotion specialists are similar to public health educators in that they focus on providing educational information to the public to improve their overall health and well-being.

However, the main objective of this career path is the development and improvement of public health education programs throughout your life.

This may include in-depth research on effective public health education programs, a review of current biostatistical data in a specific area, and a review of ongoing health education programs that require change.

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

Research is an important part of what makes public health a useful tool for society. If you choose to work in such a situation, you will be able to play a leading role in gathering study volunteers, receiving all necessary documents for prior consent to study, helping during the research process, analyzing and transmitting the results. to the appropriate bodies.

  • Health Informatics Specialist.

As a health informatics specialist or biostatistician, you will analyze various types of health care data and apply statistical principles to public health and medical research. It will discuss clinical trials, genome projects, and identification of population health trends.

The work of a biostatistician may also include experimental treatments for diseases or links between lifestyles and public health problems.

Key Duties of a Health Informatics Specialist:

  1. Develop effective statistical protocols.
  2. Analyze and monitor databases and data analysis software.
  3. Use statistics, math, and computer skills to collect data reports.

Employers: food and drug administration centers, clinical biostatistical organizations, local governments, and other public health organizations.

  • Health and Safety Engineers

Health and safety engineers design machinery, equipment, and various systems designed to improve human health or prevent disease. The main functions of a sanitary engineer are as follows:

  1. to ensure that different products (equipment and machinery used in factories, buildings, etc.) can be used safely,
  2. they identify potential hazards, investigate health and safety regulations and programs, as well as accidents.

Common duties of health and safety engineers are:

  1. Examine new machinery and equipment projects to ensure they meet safety requirements.
  2. Identify potential hazards in facilities, machinery, and safety equipment.
  3. Install safety devices on machines.
  4. Check employee safety programs and suggest improvements.

Employers: Government, construction companies, technology companies.

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